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My name is Andreas,
Even as a child I came into contact with wood in my father's workshop and saw how beautiful statues can be made from a piece of wood. So it's not surprising that I took this path myself. After intensive training with my father, I obtained my master's examination as a wood carver in 1989. The experience in woodworking and the interest in trying something new have now brought me to the manufacture of these unique products, whereby the woodturning is combined with the art of carving in individual works. With imagination, accuracy and sensitivity, unique pieces are created that combine both craftsmanship.

I hope you enjoy my artistic work


Latest products

As soon as a new product emerges from my hands, I am pleased to present it here in this preview.
Here you will find an overview of the main categories of my range. Visit the shop's page to browse other categories.

Andreas Bauer - turner - dark
dark 281,00 €
Andreas Bauer - turner - bowl with lid
bowl with lid 355,00 €
Andreas Bauer - turner - graceful
graceful 1.351,00 €
Andreas Bauer - turner - cup
cup 206,00 €
Andreas Bauer - turner - modern apple
modern apple 356,00 €